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Events I'll be attending in 2017

Locked in

Here's what's known and I can talk about, there are always others on the back-burner or waiting to be announced.

  1. NDC London: 16-20 Jan, London (United Kingdon)
    1. "Hack Yourself First" Workshop
    2. Conference talk
  2. PubConf: 20 Jan, "Let's Face It--Security is Pointless" talk, London (United Kingdom)
  3. Visug: 23 Jan, "Lessons from Billions of Breached Records" talk, Belgium
  4. ZIONSECURITY Conference: 25-27 Jan, Leuven (Belgium)
    1. "Hack Yourself First" Workshop
    2. Conference talk
  5. Copenhagen .NET User Group: 31 Jan to 1 Feb, "Hack Yourself First" Workshop, Copenhagen (Denmark)
  6. Microsoft Ignite: 14-17 Feb, Gold Coast (Australia)
  7. RSA: 13-17 Feb, San Franciso (United State) (yes, it's the same week as Ignite, yes I'll be at both!)
  8. AusCERT: 23-26 May, Gold Coast (Australia)
  9. NDC Oslo: 12-16 Jun, Oslo (Norway)
  10. NDC Sydney: 14-18 Aug, Sydney (Australia)
  11. Microsoft MVP Summit: ~Nov, Seattle (United States)