Face ID Stinks

I've been gradually coming to this conclusion of my own free will, but Phil Schiller's comments last week finally cemented it for me: Face ID stinks.

I wrote about the security implementations of Face ID just after it was announced and that piece is still entirely relevant today. To date, we haven't seen practical attacks against it that should worry the masses and the one piece that suggests it's vulnerable has been pretty thoroughly debunked by Dan Goodin at Ars Technica. In all measurable ways, the security posture is as good as (or better than) Touch ID, but what about the user experience? Is Face ID a better UX or do we have it simply because Apple needed to kill the home button in order to get the bezel-free experience?

Let me explain why FaceID stinks:

Oh - incidentally, I'm conscious that the final attempt I made in the car which failed is likely due to too many biometric fails and it wouldn't have passed under even ideal scenarios. That doesn't change all the failed attempts leading up to that, but it deserved a mention anyway.

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