Get to grips with internet security basics, courtesy of Varonis

Most readers here understand security fundamentals. They know what makes a strong password, what the padlock in the address bar above means, why software updates are important, the value of locking their mobile devices and some of dangers we face with the internet of things. But equally, most of our friends, relatives and significant others don't. We know this because we're continually doing tech support for them and we experience the horrors of their security profiles first hand!

Recently, Varonis asked if I could build a course for these folks, the ones that really need it. It's a change of pace to most of my courses that are targeted at technology professionals and obviously that means covering the fundamentals is the focus. We decided to focus on 5 internet security basics and the best bit is that they're giving it away for free. Not free as in "give us all your personal details first", but free as in it's on YouTube with no ads and you can watch it right here:

So for all my tech friends approaching the holidays and the inevitable influx of "hey, would you take a look at this for me" as they spend time with loved ones (and I've certainly seen some tech support requests challenge that description of family members...), sit them down in front of this for an hour and a bit. I hope it's as valuable to you as it is for the people that really need to understand it!

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