Join me on a website security review with Lars and Pluralsight!

Sometimes, good ideas take a while to materialise. The penny only dropped on just how long some of them take when I was going back through my Pluralsight notes just the other day and found this:

Note reminding self that I really must do this course...

That was March last year and an awful lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. But it seemed like a really good idea at the time and inevitably, it was. I’d find a willing “muse” with a suitable website then go to town on it, critiquing everything that could possibly we wrong with it. This would be a “Play by Play” course where we sit together and the whole thing is recorded by video. It’s a very loosely rehearsed, candid discussion just like I’ve had many times in the past with real apps. Happily, during my visit to Salt Lake City last month for the Pluralsight Author Summit, good friend and willing muse Lars Klint proved the perfect straight man for the job and we recorded Play by Play: Website Security Review with Troy Hunt and Lars Klint.

Pluralsight has kindly made a 7 minute snippet of it available for free on YouTube so if you’re interested in what it’s all about, here you go:

If you’re a Pluralsight subscriber and you want to check out the whole thing, here’s where to go:

Play by Play: Website Security Review with Troy Hunt and Lars Klint: Learn to assess the security profile of your own web applications and identify security risks before attackers do.

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