.NET Rocks talks security with Carl, Richard and Troy

Yep, this Troy! Right at the tail end of my Christmas holidays a couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of having a great chat with these guys:


In case you’ve been living under a rock (no pun intended), for the last nine and a half years, .NET Rocks is without doubt the foremost .NET themed podcast in the universe. By the time they got to me, there had already been 734 prior episodes (frequently running for an hour or more), so the series has well and truly become ingrained in the psyche of many a .NET developer. How many developers? Apparently about 250,000; yes one-quarter-of-a-million-.NET-developers. Wow!

For me, over the last few years it’s been one of the very, very few podcasts where I’ll religiously listen to every episode, regardless of the content. Carl and Richard have become a part of my daily drives, long flights and exercise regimes on a pretty regular basis.

My talk came at a good time for application security (depending on your perspective). We’d just capped off a year of unprecedented website hacking and just when we thought it was all over, along came Stratfor and then the hash DoS situation. During this time I also wrapped up the OWASP Top 10 for .NET developers series, packaged it all into a nice little eBook and launched ASafaWeb.

In the show we talk about each of the OWASP Top 10 web application security risks and how to mitigate them in .NET plus head off on a few tangents about some recent hacks, password management and the all-important pronunciation of “ASafaWeb” and “OWASP”. I had a ball recording the show (despite my internet failing and having to resort to Skype on iPhone over 3G), and every impression I had of Carl and Richard was reinforced both on and off the air. Great guys who love their technology and are passionate about sharing it with anyone who’ll listen.

So here it is, enjoy!

Episode 735 – Troy Hunt Secures ASP.NET

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