SSW TV: Protecting your web apps from the tyranny of evil with OWASP


There’s an excellent home-grown Aussie free learning resource which I suspect is a bit new to a lot of developers: SSW TV. SSW is a local Sydney development shop headed up by Adam Cogan, a Microsoft Regional Director and ALM MVP. I offered to talk a little about web app security to their user group a couple of months back and we recorded Protecting your Web Apps from the Tyranny of Evil with OWASP which recently went live on their site.

Having just watched this video, I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. If you’re interested in security in ASP.NET and would prefer to consume the information by watching  just over an hour of video rather than reading through 255 pages of my free eBook, take a look at the video. It’s publicly accessible via the link above, on YouTube or embedded below to make things super easy:

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