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Disassembling the privacy implications of LinkedIn Intro

Update: 17 Feb 2014: Sanity has prevailed and the service has now been pulled []. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LinkedIn Intro [] has already become known by many names: A dream for attackers [] , A nightmare for email security and privacy [http://ven...

Find my car, find your car, find everybody’s car; the Westfield’s iPhone app privacy smorgasbord

When news came through recently about the Bondi Westfield shopping centre’s new “Find my car” feature, the security and privacy implications almost jumped off the page: “Wait – so you mean all I do is enter a number plate – any number plate – and I get back all this info about other cars parked in the centre? Whoa.” If that statement sounds a bit liberal, read on and you’ll see just how much information Westfield is intentionally disclosing to the public. Intended use Let’s begin with how the...