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Defeating Red Gate’s SQL Source Control insensitivity

I’m a big fan of Red Gate’s SQL Source Control, I really am. I raved about it earlier in the year and I still think it’s the best solution going for getting your databases under source control with Subversion.However, I’ve hit a glitch which unless I’m wrong, appears to be a bit of a design flaw; versioning changes in case. Let’s say I have a table, creatively named “MyTable”, and an equally creatively named column called “MyColumID”. It looks just like this:It’s all happily versioned under source control as indicated by the friendly green database:Now let’s say...

Rocking your SQL Source Control world with Red Gate

I knew it was going to be good before even seeing it. After all, SQL Source Control is from the guys who brought us SQL Compare and Data compare, two of my all-time favourite tools in the “stuff that would be a real pain to do without” category. They’re tools I tend to berate developers for not having and have regularly waxed lyrical about in the past, albeit it within 140 characters; until now.Versioning database objects very much fits into the same realm in that it’s a nightmare to do without a dedicated tool. The simplicity with which we version other applications files – HTML, images, classes, etc – hasn’t been...