Weekly Update 110

I'm home! And home for another 6 weeks at that which is rather exciting if I'm honest. Travel really takes its toll in so many ways and I'm really looking forward to just having a bunch of time to code, blog and jet ski (not necessarily ordered by priority).

But even without having had time to blog, there's a heap of material this week including the SIBOS conference, HIBP (apparently) being a top site that's "shaped the web", people losing their minds over sex toy privacy and EV certificates, Wife Lovers being breaches and some really interesting outcomes in people's effort to hold Apollo accountable under GDPR after their breach. On that last point, do listen to how this is playing out and please share any experiences you have that can help me shape the narrative of just how much GDPR helps (or doesn't help) in the wake of a breach such as this one.

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  1. SIBOS panel: Is a ‘cyber 9/11’ event inevitable? (yes, it's buzzword laden, but I reckon it was good content for the intended audience)
  2. HIBP is the 83rd most prominent website to have "shaped the internet as we know it" (I'm not sure how it's higher than Stack Overflow, but hey, I'll take it!)
  3. Don't connect "male climax control" products to the internet! (I've since watched the video: "MYHIXEL combines a unique masturbation aid device with specific online gamified treatments". I stand by my recommendation - you have rocks in your head if you connect this to the internet!)
  4. Wife Lovers (and 7 other adult sites) were breached (there's some very serious issues there around the potentially non-consensual nature of it and the privacy impact on people)
  5. No matter how much some people wish it wasn't so, EV is (still) dead (that's the tweet storm, check out the original EV certs are dead post too)
  6. Tech Fabric is sponsoring my blog this week! (cloud native scalable, reliable and secure apps by a long-time sponsor)
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