Weekly Update 124

I'm pumping this weekly update out a little bit later, pushing it just before I get on the plane back home to Australia. I've just wrapped up a week in London with Scott doing all things NDC including a couple of days of workshops and a couple of talks each. We discuss that, and how the UK seems to have an odd infatuation with doing anything that could even remotely be deemed a health and safety risk.

On a more serious note, we talk about the emotional toll of the things we do, namely the never ending charging forward with projects like Report URI and HIBP, along with the training, conference talks and what seems like a never-ending pit of emails. I really want to talk more about this in future because whilst I don't personally feel like I'm suffering from burn-out, I can see how that would be the inevitable conclusion of doing too much of this for too long. As I say in the video, I (and Scott) welcome all comments on this.

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  1. The January NDC events are behind us, but the next one I'll be at is extra cool ? (home town on the Gold Coast, this was sensational last year, hoping to see a bunch of Aussie friends there)
  2. Varonis is sponsoring my blog this week (watch their DFIR team investigate a cyberattack using their data-centric security stack )
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