Weekly Update 137

It's the last one from home for a few weeks, both for Scott and myself. Whilst I head off to the US for a couple of weeks, he's back home to the UK before other Europe travel then we'll both end up back on the Gold Coast in a few weeks time before the AusCERT conference.

This week, we're talking about how kids are so good at circumventing things like parental controls and how maybe - just maybe - talking to your kids and using some social techniques is a better (or at least complimentary) approach to hard controls. Partly as a result of that tweet, we're also discussing the rampant negativity we seem to constantly face by a small minority on Twitter. It's minor in numbers, but increasingly carries a mental weight (see the link below for context). Plus there's Trustico. Ah, Trustico, just have a listen and see what you think...

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  1. My 9-year old found a clever way to circumvent iOS' parental controls (imagine what it's like for the average person trying to understand this stuff...)
  2. We're both confounded by the unnecessary ongoing negativity folks on Twitter seem intent on espousing (I'm linking to this one because it's a perfect example of injecting negativity into an otherwise happy, joyful tweet)
  3. Trustico has some really shady marketing going on with their certs (that's a link to Scott's post smashing the screwy - make sure you search for "nerdville"!)
  4. Twilio are sponsoring my blog this week, check out what you can do with Authy to add 2FA to your site (this is dead easy - do it!)
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