Weekly Update 146

After a very non-stop Cyber Week in Israel, I'm back in Oslo working through the endless emails and other logistics related to Project Svalbard. In my haste this week, I put out a really poorly worded tweet which I've tried to clarify in this week's video. On more positive news, the Austrian government came on board HIBP and my MVP status got renewed for the 9th time. I also wanted to talk this week about some of the stats from HIBP I've been preparing as part of the acquisition. There's a bunch of really interesting numbers in there (for me at least) and rather than just keeping them locked away in an information memorandum, I thought I'd share them with everyone in this week's update.

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  1. The Austrian government is now using HIBP to monitor all gov domains across the country (they join the UK, Australia and Spain in utilising this free service)
  2. My MVP status has been renewed, now going into year 9! (this program has been a real defining part of my career)
  3. Shape Security is sponsoring my blog this week (Captcha is no longer enough, they're talking about how Shape Connect blocks automation & improves security instantly, with a 30 minute implementation)
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