Weekly Update 150

Vegas! I'm a bit late with this week's update but I thought I'd catch up with Scott Helme and do the video together. We're talking about the events in Vegas, the ongoing Project Svalbard process, some very screwy messaging about certificates from Sectigo and the Irish government coming on board HIBP. Next week we'll do another one from Vegas and talk about what the events of the week here were like.

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  1. Sectigo made some pretty wild claims about EV certs (read the tweet thread by Scott)
  2. The subsequent rebuttals by David from Sectigo are worth reading (although they still don't justify the earlier claims IMHO)
  3. The Irish government is now using HIBP to monitor all their domains (they now join the UK, Australia, Spain and Austria)
  4. Big thanks to strongDM for sponsoring my blog over the last week! (see why Splunk's CISO says "strongDM enables you to see what happens, replay & analyze incidents. You can't get that anywhere else")
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