Weekly Update 155

From the emerging spring to the impending autumn, I'm back in Oslo at the beginning of another series of European events that'll take me across Norway, Denmark, Hungary and Switzerland. This week's update comes from under the glow of a warm outdoor heater at ridiculous o'clock as my sleep cycle keeps me making early starts. But it's all transient and by this time next month I'll be back to a very warm, very familiar Aussie landscape. For now, here's what's new on my side:

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  1. There's 419M Facebook users' phone numbers floating around (looks like abuse of a now deprecated feature and no, it's not going into HIBP)
  2. Chrome 77 is about to hit and finally kill off EV for good (that'll be the end of org names next to the address bar, but will it be the end of commercial CAs telling people that?)
  3. It's ok to let old tech die (do we really want organisations beholden to perpetually supporting legacy devices merely for historical purposes?)
  4. Okta is my new blog sponsor for this week (friends don't let friends write user auth!)
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