Weekly Update 157

Hungary! And that's about as much intro as I'm going to do on that because this is going out super later and I'm writing this at the end of a very long day. Only other thing I'll mention is the audio - the Instamic failed to record again so it's now going firmly into the e-waste bin.

Anyway, on a more positive note, enjoy the beautiful sights of the Hungarian parliament before you jump into this week's update:

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  1. 2FA is far from a perfect beast (read back up through the thread, how do normal everyday people get by if we techies struggle?!)
  2. Banks setting arbitrarily low limits on password complexity really isn't worthy of losing our minds (but that didn't stop people doing that in response to the post anyway!)
  3. Sponsored by Okta: You wouldn’t roll your own hashing algorithm, so why build your own auth? Secure users in mins with a free dev account.
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