Weekly Update 165

Yes, I'm in my car. I'm completely disorganised, rushing to the next event and really didn't plan this very well. But hey, what an awesome little soundproof booth it is! That said, I did keep this week deliberately concise... until I went to edit it and then Adobe Premiere (or the NVIDIA drivers on my laptop) decided to turn a 16 minute video clip into a multi-hour shit-fight. That's before the multi-hour upload process too because "Australia" ?

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  1. Scott Helme is running my Hack Yourself First workshop in Amsterdam on Dec 9 & 10 (he's getting awesome reviews on these too)
  2. Apparently, FinecoBank in Italy reckons you should Google your password and not use it if it appears 10 times or more (no, just don't)
  3. You'll also need to pay FinecoBank 0.95 if you'd like to change your password (frankly, I'd be more inclined to change my bank!)
  4. But hey, at least FinecoBank got some press out of it! (Vice has coined their password policies "the worst we've ever seen)
  5. 1Password has had a $200M funding injection (I have enough faith in their leadership to believe they'll do great things with it)
  6. Sponsored by IVPN. Mass surveillance is a reality. A VPN can't solve this issue, but it's a great first step. Use one that puts principle before profit.
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