Weekly Update 166

Kangaroos! I've been trying to line these guys up for weeks to no avail but finally, they've delivered. Speaking of delivering, I actually got 3 blog posts out this week which I've not done for a while, the most significant of which relates to "data enrichment" companies (also often referred to as "data aggregators"). I have a fundamental issue with the very premise of how these firms operate and I'm getting a little sick of finding my own data in there. Have a listen and see what you think, but certainly the overwhelming feedback I've been hearing from people is that my views are pretty consistent with everyone else's on this. Problem is, I see absolutely nothing on the horizon that will actually change the status quo of how our personal information is monetised in this fashion so for now, it's just another day in data breach land.

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  1. The Norwegian government is now on HIBP (that's now the 6th gov, the 7th will be announced in the coming days)
  2. Banks are communicating in precisely the fashion they're warning their customers about (is it a phish, or banks comms? Who knows!)
  3. There was a massive exposure of personal data likely sourced from "enrichment" company People Data Labs (including my own data)
  4. Sponsored by IVPN. Mass surveillance is a reality. A VPN can't solve this issue, but it's a great first step. Use one that puts principle before profit.
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