Weekly Update 169

I recorded this right before heading out for my final conference talk of the year at YOW! Melbourne where I was due to do the closing keynote of the event. That's now done, questions answered and beers drunk and I left the event feeling great. One of the things I get the most pleasure out of at conferences is hanging around talking to people so a big thanks to everyone who made the time today to stay back on a Friday evening and cap a very busy year of conferences off in this fashion. I'm going to leave that intro here, push this week's update then do it all again (hopefully also on time!) a week from now.

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  1. Why No HTTPS? is getting a complete update (new data, new ranking criteria, still not enough HTTPS!)
  2. Go home GoGetSSL, your ad is drunk! (this is just complete and utter rubbish)
  3. Oh look, a kid's tracking watch with serious security vulnerabilities! (this is such an alarmingly predictable trend now)
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