Weekly Update 170

Monday: 40C and lapping up the Gold Coast sunshine. Wednesday: -8C and lapping up... Juicy IPA! I'm back in Oslo and catching up with the locals including running a roundtable discussion for CSOs at Microsoft, visiting the Norwegian National Cyber Security Centre (recently onboarded to HIBP) and chatting with Forbrukerrådet, the Norwegian Consumer Counsel. Plus, there's an all new blog post on the long-overdue update to Scott Helme's and my little Why no HTTPS? Project.

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  1. Forbrukerrådet does some excellent work identifying risks to consumers (link to their findings from a couple of year ago around kids tracking watches)
  2. Still why no HTTPS? There's still a heap of websites that need to lift their HTTPS game (see if you can lean on the biggest ones in your country)
  3. You can grab all the raw data for the aforementioned site from (there's actually some really interesting stats in there, especially those sites with certs expiring in less than 24 hours)
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