Weekly Update 172

I couldn't get 2 days into the new decade without having to deal with ridiculous password criteria from Tik Tok followed by my phone automatically associating with what it thought was my washing machine whilst in a grocery store on the other side of the world (yep, you read that correctly). It somehow seems to just be reflective of how crazy online security is becoming in the modern era. On the plus side, Chrome is making some really positive changes to how it handles cookies so it's not all bad news. Hope you enjoy the first update of 2020 ?

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  1. Trying to create a password on Tik Tok is... interesting (even their messaging is contradictory, let alone the craziness of the rules in the first place)
  2. So apparently I was browsing on my washing machine's SSID from a grocery store in Norway (yeah, welcome to the future...)
  3. Here's how the whole washing machine SSID thing panned out when I first connected to it (I have since never - not once - gotten any value out of it being connected)
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