Weekly Update 173

I really should have started the video about 3 minutes earlier. Had I done that, you'd have caught me toppling backwards into the frangipani tree whilst trying to position my chair and camera which frankly, would have made for entertaining viewing. Instead, this week's update is focused primarily on a completely different epic fail, namely Surebet247's handling of a breach impacting their customers. I chose those words carefully as it now seems almost certain the breach was actually of BtoBet and I've linked to the story on that below. Regardless, have a listen to how the Nigerian gambling service handled the incident, holy shit...

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  1. NDC is coming to Melbourne! (also check out the CFP if you're interested in delivering a talk)
  2. Do you have less, the same or more passwords now than 10 years ago? (also check out the second poll in the thread about what it'll be like in 10 years from now)
  3. Surebet247 set a new bar for bad breach handling (their behaviour on this is rather stunning)
  4. It looks like the source of the breach is almost certainly BtoBet (who also seems to be doing their damndest not to just own up to it)
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