Weekly Update 174

We're in Norway! More specifically, Scott Helme and I are in Hafjell and recording this after a day on the snow before heading back to Oslo and the NDC Security conference next week. For now though, we're talking about some really screwy global roaming behaviour with telcos, the Danish gov coming onto HIBP, babies in data breaches and the takedown of We Leak Info. We'll do this again together next week from Oslo and then again the following week from NDC London. For now, here's the fireside version in Hafjell:

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  1. Babies in data breaches - yep, babies (there are no limits on who can be breached these days)
  2. We Leak Info got taken down by a collection of law enforcement agencies (not particularly surprising given the way it was operated)
  3. It was a similar story for Leaked Source a couple of years ago (pro tip: cruising around in a bright green Lamborghini isn't exactly flying under the radar!)
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