Weekly Update 179

On reflection, I feel this week's update was dominated by having a laugh at an IoT candle ? And that's fair, too, even though I then went and bought one because hey, this is gonna be great conference talk material! Delivery is going to be much later this year so don't hold your breath, but it could be really, uh, "interesting" once it lands. Stay tuned for that one but until then, here's this week's update:

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  1. If you're not pwned, you may be an anomaly (I'd actually like to write this up in more detail one day, there's some really interesting insights in there)
  2. A connected candle - serious, an IoT candle (what sort of idiot would buy one of these?!)
  3. I bought an IoT candle! (couldn't help myself, I followed through on the comment I made about this in the vid)
  4. 1Password is this week's blog sponsor (this is probably been my most used tool over the last 9 years, I doubt I've gone a day without using it!)
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