Weekly Update 194

It's a total mixed bag this week with a couple of new blog posts thrown in to boot. An award at an event nobody could attend, a SQL injection pattern in an HIBP email that wiped an entire DB, a disinformation campaign by "Anonymous" amidst a tumultuous time in the US and another freaking massive breach (with me in it) that I simply can't attribute. So yeah, life remains pretty unpredictable then 🙂

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  1. I won the "Best Cybersecurity Video OR Cybersecurity Video Blog" at the European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards! (shame I couldn't be in London for it this year, but totally stoked to get an award!)
  2. Without knowing it, I also wiped an entire ticketing system with a SQL injection pattern inside an HIBP email (this is funny - it just is 🤣)
  3. The Minneapolis Police Department hack and subsequent leak of data is... not (cobbling together previously leaked MPD emails does not make it an MPD "hack")
  4. I got pwned in the "Lead Hunter" data breach and I've got no idea what it is (I'm still not entirely clear, although there's a solid lead in the comments I must follow up)
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