Weekly Update 195

This week's update had a bunch of people drop by and discussion tended to jump around a bit, but frankly it's kinda nice to have some interaction in an era where we're not really doing as much of that any more. The IoT topic got some good engagement as did the fact that we "magically" dropped over a hundred active cases of COVID-19 in Australia today (sounds like the gov just reclassifying what's still considered to be an active case). That puts us at 143 remaining active cases in a country of 25M people which is very much heading in just the right direction. Oh - and I finally managed to buy my lift tickets for the snow too so happy days all round 😎

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  1. The next public "Hack Yourself First" workshop Scott Helme and I are doing is "in" Melbourne later next month (ok, so it's online like everything else now, but it's at an Asia Pacific friendly time)
  2. You should see the size of the data breach that literally landed on my doorstep!!! (but seriously, telephone books are still a thing here)
  3. I've gone down a serious IoT rabbit hole... (that's the tweet that started it all, everything has gotten super complicated since then)
  4. I'm now entering my third round of biennial Microsoft Regional Directorness (albeit in a very different world to the one in which I got the recognition in the first place)
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