Weekly Update 200

I made it to 200! And look at that picture quality too 😎 I'm streaming in 1080p rather than 4K and that's absolutely fine for content like this. I've finally gotten on top of the camera setup and the Elgato HDMI dongle to allow the camera to be seen as a webcam over HDMI. I really want to write this up in detail for next week's update because with the new PC as well, I'm super happy with how this all works together. I'll try and put aside a day early next week to get on top of that one but for now, here's this week's:

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  1. Choosing what products to endorse is a thoughtful process (enough so that I wrote an entire blog post about it a few years ago)
  2. NDC Melbourne is nearly here! (and isn't in Melbourne!)
  3. The Twitter "breach" is really interesting stuff (I don't think breach is the right word here, "account takeover via social engineering" seems more apt)
  4. Sponsored by: SecurityFWD. A brand new YouTube show from Varonis. Watch Episode 1: How Far can Wi-Fi Travel?
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