Weekly Update 203

What. A. Week. I've been absolutely non-stop publishing data breaches to HIBP whilst simultaneously putting in place the framework to start advising NordVPN on their cybers and open sourcing the HIBP code base at the same time (and a bunch of other more boring stuff that didn't make the cut). That's all explained in this week's update so I won't drill further into it here, there's obviously a couple of big announcements so if you have any questions, drop them in the comments below and I'll either answer them there or take them up in next week's update.

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  1. Our state border to the south is now in a "hard" lockdown (that link is for the stats state by state)
  2. Breaches, breaches, breaches (have a look at just how much has gone into HIBP in the last couple of weeks)
  3. I'm genuinely excited about working with NordVPN as a strategic adviser (I'm still independent, I'll still be very candidly expressing my views, I just want to make a positive impact on the industry)
  4. Speaking of positive impacts, how about that HIBP open source stuff? 😎 (absolutely, emphatically, resoundingly positive feedback on this one!)
  5. Sponsored by Tines: Breaches are inevitable and early detection is crucial. Assure yourself what's next with security automation part 1.
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