Weekly Update 205

Between still feeling a little groggy after hitting the water hard on an early wake boarding session then my camera overheating and shutting down towards the end of the live stream, this wasn't the smoothest of weekly updates, I still got across everything I needed to. I'm especially excited about those Shelly 1 units for cheaply IoT'ing existing lights and I'm hoping to have some of that up and running next week. Until then, here's episode 205:

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  1. I got an award! (2020 (ISC)² Global Achievement Awards: Celebrating achievements in cybersecurity)
  2. I'm going to put a bunch of Shelly 1 units behind light switches (this is a really neat way of IoT'ing your house)
  3. New lighting systems in Aus tend to be down lights that fit into 90mm cutouts and plug directly into a mains socket (these are cheap - from ~A$12 - and easy to swap out yourself)
  4. Why oh why oh why do websites keep storing DoB?! (I'm yet to hear a good legitimate reason)
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