Weekly Update 207

I kicked off a little bit earlier on this one in order to wrap up before the Burning Minds keynote, and it's interesting to see just how much difference that little sliver of sunlight makes to the video quality. Check the very start of the video versus the very end; this is the sunset slipping through the crack in the fully drawn blinds, make a massive difference. In other news, I'm talking about how I prepare my talks and deliver them timed down to the minute (I had 20 seconds spare on this one), the dramas I'm having with the Shelly units and putting another dozen neon lights in the house, how encryption and hashing are fundamentally different and we should stop conflating the terms and finally, a bit in response to an audience question about how to phrase messaging for a customer attempting to use a Pwned Passwords.

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  1. I've been really carefully planning the timing of my talks for years now (dug this tweet out as a reminder of how valuable this approach has been)
  2. Thread here on installing the new RGB LED downlights (no, this is not my bedroom!)
  3. Stefán from EVE Online has written a bunch about how to frame messaging when a customer attempts to use a Pwned Password (search through his other posts on the topic too, CCP Games has put a heap of research into this)
  4. Whilst I'm pimping his writing, check out yesterday's post too: Using HaveIBeenPwned, Application Insights and Grafana to detect credential stuffing attacks (this is really neat)
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