Weekly Update 224

It's a new year! With lots of breaches to discuss already ☹ Ok, so these may not be 2021 breaches but I betcha that by next week's update there'll be brand new ones from the new year to discuss. I managed to get enough connectivity in the middle of the Australian outback in front of Uluru to do the live stream this week, plus talk a bunch more about what we've been doing on our epic Australian journey. It looks like I'll be back home for next week's update after needing to cut things a little short due to a COVID uptick in areas I was meant to be visiting. I'll talk more about the last past of the trip then as well as those all new fresh 2021 data breaches I'm sure we'll have by Friday.

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  1. NZBGeek reported a data breach (the sire is offline now and the Twitter thread suggests that it perhaps on the shadier side of copyright law)
  2. Thousands of Aussies have been targeted by Coronavirus scams (no surprises there really, and it certainly goes well beyond just Aussies)
  3. CafePress has copped a $2M settlement related to their 2019 breach (I still feel like these suits are very close to "ambulance chasing")
  4. India's IndiGo airline also reported a breach (although it feels like the reporting was more of a regulatory necessity than a desire to do the right thing)
  5. Red Gate was breached too (although it sounds like they're still working out what the extent of the incident is)
  6. Always check your website hasn't been hacked (but Long & McQuade's probably has been...)
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