Weekly Update 238

"What a shit week". I stand by that statement in the opening couple of minutes of the video and I write this now at midday on Saturday after literally falling asleep on the couch. The Facebook incident just dominated; everything from processing data to writing code to dozens of media interviews. And I ran a workshop over 4 half days. And had 2 lots of guests visiting. And had to deal with all sorts of other unpleasant stuff outside of that. Damn that beer tasted good...

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  1. The petition in front of UK parliament to require verified IDs on social media platforms has fallen flat (not unsurprising, and the response is actually quite nicely written IMHO)
  2. I've probably taken a little too much pleasure in some of the responses to my Coinhive tactics 🤣 (but it is kinda funny...)
  3. That Facebook incident - call it a "breach", call it a "scrape" but whatever it is, it's big (and it totally destroyed my scheduled this week)
  4. I'm really excited about this book with Rob Conery (I hope we can get a bunch of people into the livestream about it on Tuesday morning my time)
  5. The Ukrainian gov has now been onboarded onto HIBP (that's the 13th, and there's a couple more in the pipeline too)
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