Weekly Update 244

For a week where I didn't think I had much to talk about, I was surprised by what I ended up with by the time I sat down to broadcast. Turns out there's always a lot to discuss, and that's before questions from the live audience as well. As I allude to at the end of this update, next week I'm going to have something really, really cool to announce that has been a long time in the works so keep an eye out for that one 😎

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  1. Gaps between screens in a multi-monitor setup really bugs me (looks like I'm going the velcro route)
  2. Traffic to the Coinhive domain is down 39% on the previous month (I'll keep updating stats each month, wonder how low it'll go 🙂)
  3. One of the guys behind WeLeakInfo has copped a 2-year jail term (truly following in the footsteps of LeakedSource...)
  4. When is a security breach "optional"?! (I suspect there's a misunderstanding of the English language rather than an option to exclude yourself from it)
  5. The Swedish gov is now on HIBP making them the 4th Nordic country on board (there's a pipeline of half a dozen others to be announced in the coming weeks)
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