Weekly Update 245

This week is the culmination of planning that began all the way back in August last year when I announced the intention to start open sourcing the HIBP code base. Today, it's finally happened with Pwned Passwords now completely open to all. That's only been possible with the help of the .NET Foundation because as I've said many times now, this is new territory for me. And just to make things really interesting, we're all going to build some code for the FBI to feed passwords obtained in the process of their various investigations into HIBP. Cool 😎

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  1. Pwned Passwords, the .NET Foundation and the FBI (this is just awesome from top to bottom 😎)
  2. The IoT march forward continues, this time replacing old corroded and shitty-in-every-way halogen bulbs (night time shot of the front of the house to be added to that thread shortly...)
  3. I'm getting right into printing HIBP 3D logos (that's a freely downloadable .stl for anyone else that wants to do the same)
  4. Trinidad and Tobago are now aboard the HIBP government offering (they're the 17th gov to date, with one more coming each week for quite some time ahead)
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