Weekly Update 246

This week has been absolutely dominated by code contributions to Pwned Passwords. This is such an awesome, humbling experience that so many people have wanted to contribute their time to something that makes online life better for all of us. The challenge I have now is, as expected, managing the pull requests, reviewing code and ensuring the project heads in the right direction as support for ingesting the FBI -provided passwords is built out. I have an idea around that I'm working on at the moment and hope to be able to talk more about it soon. In the interim, keep the contributions coming and I look forward to seeing all this go out to production in the very near future.

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  1. Pwned Passwords is still roaring towards 1B requests per month (941.27M in that tweet, not far to go now...)
  2. The open source Pwned Passwords Azure Function has had a heap of great code contributions already (I'm seriously overwhelmed at how awesome the reception to this has been 😊)
  3. The Dominican Republic gov is now on HIBP (that's the first Latin America country and the 18th overall)
  4. Belgium also came on board this week (a little earlier than I'd planned for, but it's all good and that makes 19!)
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