Weekly Update 248

Thought I'd do a bit of AMA this week given the rest of the content was a bit lighter. If you like this sort of content then I'll try and be a bit more organised next time, give some notice and make more of an event out of it. Other than that, I'm screwing around with more IoT things, dealing with more breaches, onboarding new governments so yeah, same same 🙂

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  1. Here's the iFixit kit I bought, it's the "Pro Tech Toolkit" (this is a really nice piece of kit that's going to get a heap of use for many years to come)
  2. I've now got 2 Shelly Dimmers installed (I still need momentary switches to make them work then one will drive a dumb light and the other a smart light)
  3. These Zigbee downlights actually look pretty neat (so far they're looking like a much better option than Tuya lights with IP addresses)
  4. The "Nameless Malware" NordLocker identified is now searchable in HIBP (this is the third such instance of loading data of this type)
  5. The Finnish government has been onboarded to HIBP (that's 21 govs and counting with new ones scheduled for at least the next 2 weeks)
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