Weekly Update 249

A bit of a shorter work week this one as we escaped to a little getaway for a few days. That said, it gave me some nice downtime to continue writing the book and speaking of which, after today's video we had a regular catch up with Rob Conery and I think we made a bit of a breakthrough with how I intro it so hopefully we're one step closer again to a finished product now (do sign up to be kept up to date with progress). That, and all the usual stuff this week (except for John McAfee's demise, that's something altogether different).

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  1. We had some really nice downtime in a very tranquil environment (tweet thread of the holiday with pics)
  2. Spam sucks, even when the spammer doesn't think they're spamming (this one is going straight into the draft post I have on spam still being spam)
  3. I've finally upgraded Charlotte from a Mac to a Lenovo running Windows 10! (this is a very slick machine)
  4. I'm on the quest for a nice IoT button panel (I think I'm ultimately going to go with a classic light switch panel running Shellys behind it for aesthetical purposes)
  5. The Jamaican government has full access to query all their domains via API on HIBP (they're the 22 gov on board, the 11th in just the last 4 months)
  6. Sponsored by: ANY.RUN sandbox reveals a malicious sample in seconds. Try the unique approach with an interactive and easy process of analysis!
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