Weekly Update 250

This week is a bit of everything again, although the main difference this time was an update on the COVID situation we're facing in Australia. We've been largely virus-free (relative speaking) but as a result, vaccine rollout has been really slow (as in about 5% of the country being covered) and following some outbreaks of the Delta strain this past couple of weeks, everyone is feeling a bit nervous. We'll get there, but it's a bit of on add time for us and it's certainly dominated headlines recently. Other than that, it's more breaches (and non-breaches), more IoT and more general cyber stuff.

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  1. In response to popular demand, I'm going to do a weekly update vid with Charlotte about the transition from Mac to PC (it'll probably be in update 252)
  2. Stop the hyperbole: a scrape of public data is not a breach (the LinkedIn breach that isn't)
  3. I've picked up a heap more Shelly Dimmers to go into the house (but I really need to get on top of my network problems before then)
  4. There was a lot of love for Sonos in-ceiling speakers by people who had them (and some disdain... by people who didn't!)
  5. The Slovak Republic gov has been onboarded to HIBP (that's 23 govs and counting with the next one scheduled for Monday)
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