Weekly Update 251

Between school holidays and a house full of tradies repairing things, there wasn't a lot a free time this week. That said, I've got another gov onto HIBP, snared by 11th MVP award, did a heap of other cyber-things and Charlotte and I even managed to slip in our first COVID shots amongst all that. Next week will start getting back to full steam as the winter holidays end (yeah, it's winter here, I know that's confusing for some people!) and I'm sure there'll be an all new stash of cyber-IoT-other things waiting for me at the end of it 🙂

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  1. Finally got my first COVID shot! (that's a link to a thread which is mostly only relevant in my part of the world, but worth reading if you're here and looking for the jab)
  2. REvil will accept a mere $70M to unlock a bunch of encrypted machines (this stuff is really escalating recently)
  3. The Dutch government has become the 24th national CERT to have free and open access to HIBP domain searches (still more to come!)
  4. I got my 11th MVP award this week (being welcomed into the MVP program was the turning point of my career and it remains enormously special to me 😊)
  5. Sponsored by: Varonis. Reduce your SaaS blast radius with data-centric security for AWS, G Drive, Box, Salesforce, Slack and more.
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