Weekly Update 255

I'm back in the office this week and back to decent audio and video quality. There's loads of bits and pieces happening as evidence by almost an entire hour disappearing in this week's vid, ranging from problems with tradies (tradespeople), more lockdown, stats on some projects and then this week's blog post, 3D printing with my 9-year old daughter Elle. Enjoy 😊

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  1. Here's that Harlem Shake script I used (the bigger picture here is that sites that allow this to run have no - or insufficient - content security policy)
  2. Pwned Passwords is up over 960M requests a month now (getting closer and closer to the 1B mark!)
  3. Finally got the Shellies Discovery script working in Home Assistant (all Shellies are now communicating over MQTT and are super reliable)
  4. I got Elle to help me write about 3D printing for kids (very proud of the little video she did too 😊)
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