Weekly Update 258

A really brief intro as this is my last key strokes before going properly off the grid for the next week (like really off the grid, middle of nowhere style). Lots of little things this week, hoping next week will be the big "hey, Pwned Passwords just passed 1 billion", stay tuned for that one 😊

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  1. You probably should have an OnlyFans account (no, not in the way it sounds like you should...)
  2. Is the silver lining of Brexit an end to inane cookie warnings? (queue arguing about whether this is a GDPR thing or not)
  3. Spammy thread hijacking - ugh! (looks like the offender's account is no longer public)
  4. Pwned Passwords is almost about to roll over past the 1B queries per month mark (this is such cool leverage for the FBI ingestion work)
  5. Sponsored by: 1Password is a secure password manager and digital wallet that keeps you safe online
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