Weekly Update 263

Lots of little bits and pieces this week in a later and shorter than usual update. See the references for all the details, but plenty of cyber, some IoT weather station discussion and a bit of chatter around career and me deciding I want to do a "Hack Your Career More" talk once we all get back to doing events in person. Stay tuned for that last one in particular!

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  1. For those asking, the weather station I'm using is a Davis Vantage Pro2 (really happy with this one, especially using the WeatherLink module to integrate into Home Assistant)
  2. Here's Scott's thread on the fallout of the Let's Encrypt expired root cert (we all knew it was coming, doesn't seem like the fallout was actually too bad)
  3. 1Password has partnered with Fastmail to bring you "Masked Email" (as the quote from me in associated press releases says, "your email address is the primary key to your digital identity")
  4. Anyone got a security contact at Plug and Play Tech Centre? (I hate getting to the point where I have to put out tweets like this)
  5. Wanting HTTPS is "ultraparanoid", and other rubbish statements (give this man a shovel, he's still digging)
  6. I'm now a GitHub Star! (it's so nice to receive physical things, especially in an era where we spend so much time living online)
  7. Sponsored by: 1Password is a secure password manager and digital wallet that keeps you safe online
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