Weekly Update 273

Geez, I'm a bit orange today! I think mucking around with the (excepti0nally cool!) moon lamp towards the beginning of this video threw the colours off a bit. In the past, I'd turn on the auto white balance lock and things would stay steady, but since I put up the Elgato key lamps and the colour has been so steady, I've kind of just let it go. Lesson learned. Plenty of other good things this week though, next week I'll aim to live stream this at the beginning of the day and catch audiences on the US time zones as well.

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  1. The 3D printed moon light is soooo nice! (it now looks like this will become a repeatable Xmas present for friends)
  2. I didn't hit 200k Twitter followers by this video... (but I did a day and a half later!)
  3. After more than 11 years, it was finally time for a new profile photo (I really like this one 😊)
  4. You know what's not weird at all? A toy surveillance camera to watch your kids (I feel like people are making more of this than what it actually deserves, but it's still weird)
  5. Gravatar got scraped and 114M email addresses are circulating (stay tuned for next week's blog post on whether this was a breach or not)
  6. Here's the best value, most useful Xmas present you'll find (50% off my favourite password manager!)
  7. Sponsored by: 1Password is a secure password manager and digital wallet that keeps you safe online
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