Weekly Update 286

Somehow this week ended up being all about Russia and Cloudflare. Mostly as 2 completely separate topics, but also a little bit around Cloudflare's ongoing presence in Russia (with a very neutral view on that, TBH). Looking back on this video a few hours later, the thing that strikes me is the discussion around what appears to be a phishing page seeking donations for Ukraine. Just listen to me try to figure this out and as I say in the vid, if I have trouble discerning phish from legit resource, how do people who don't live in this world work it out?! Easy answer - they don't, that's why phishing remains so lucrative.

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  1. The idea of Tesla remotely killing cars in Russia feels like a very bad one (invert that logic - what if you owned a Chinese car that could be remotely killed due to geopolitical dispute?)
  2. As sure as night follows day, scam follows disaster (it's a particularly low act when it prey on good citizens appalled by the bombing of a hospital)
  3. When should you deny digital services to Russian citizens? (I'm just not sure Universal Audio's decision here is anything beyond symbolic, but maybe that's enough?)
  4. Password Purgatory is gonna be a whole bunch of laughs 🤣 (also, Cloudflare Pages and Workers are amazing!)
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