Weekly Update 287

So the plan was to schedule this week's session in advance then right on 17:30 at my end, go live. It mostly worked, I just forgot to press the "go live" button having worked on the (obviously incorrect) assumption that would happen automatically. Lesson learned, session restarted, we'll be all good next week 😊

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  1. Asking about IoT'ing the kids' showers led to lots of wrong answers (maybe I'm just scarred now knowing how much work is involved as soon as you touch actual plumbing in a bathroom)
  2. Seeing a psych and getting help is just fine (after recording this vid, I was watching Toto Wolff on Drive to Survive and the enormous amount of pressure on him)
  3. CafePress got slapped with a fine by the FTC for their 2019 breach (and deservedly so, IMHO)
  4. Your email address is the primary key of your digital life, should you use different ones on different sites? (that's a link through to 1Password's Masked Email feature that leverages Fastmail, the video is a good primer)
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