Weekly Update 289

Everyone just came for the Ubiquiti discussion, right? This is such a tricky one; if their products sucked we could all just forget about them and go on with our day. But they don't suck - they're awesome - and that makes it hard to fathom how a company that makes such great gear is responding this way to such a well-respected journo. I spend most of this week's video talking about this and perhaps what surprised me most, is even after that discussion there's a bunch of people asking product questions. It'll be interesting to see how this whole thing eventually plays out...

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  1. I bought Ari a biometric padlock for his locker as other kids were successfully guessing the PIN on his other one (now let's talk about adversaries, capabilities and impact)
  2. The first Krebs story on Ubiquiti fuelled by the "whistleblower" (IMHO, Brian was pretty clear on the source of the information and it was from someone within Ubiquiti)
  3. The second Krebs story explaining how it was an insider attempting to extort the company (also IMHO, this explains the nature of the source from the first story and provides appropriate context as to their motives)
  4. Corey Quinn's Twitter thread was the first news I saw on the lawsuit against Brian (it's selective sections of the doc, but they certainly don't read well)
  5. The Hacker News comments are actually surprisingly insightful, pointing out aspects in Ubiquiti's favour (but it does make it all feel like this boils down to "was Brian subsequently clear enough after learning more")
  6. Graham Cluley's tweet may just be the most accurate description of what all this means (Ubiquiti is doing serious damage to its reputation by going down this path)
  7. The Bulgarian government is now the 30th on board HIBP (the home of Telerik and Shelly 😊)
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