Weekly update 30

I didn't mean to talk for 42 minutes today, but somehow, I kinda ended up there. A good whack of that went to explaining how I'd done the subscription implementation you see below, especially as people had asked why there are two CAPTCHAs and indeed I wanted to explain why I'd even added the feature in the first place. Anyway, I've had hundreds of people sign up to it since yesterday so hopefully it's proving useful to those folks (I did end up fixing that IE bug too). There's that plus some commentary on the jokers who tried to extort Apple (and obviously failed spectacularly) along with the Cloudflare webinar I did this week, why security is too hard for "normals" and my very, very exciting new Pluralsight course on HTTPS. Ok, well I think the current state of HTTPS is exciting anyway! But try the course and decide for yourself, just to be sure :)

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