Weekly Update 315

How's this weeks video for a view?! It's a stunning location here in Bali and it's just been the absolute most perfect spot for a honeymoon, especially after weeks of guests and celebrations. But whoever hacked and ransom'd Optus didn't care about me taking time out and I've done more media in the last week than I have in a long time. I don't mind, it's a fascinating story the way this has unfolded and that's where most of the time in this week's video has gone, I hope you enjoy my analysis of what has become a pretty crazy story back home in Australia.

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  1. Bali is a stunning place with postcard worthy shots around every corner (link through to the tweet thread with all the magic 😍)
  2. I've never seen a data breach make as much local news as Optus has, not even close! (link through to Jeremy Kirk's thread explaining how it went down)
  3. When people are wondering if they need to change their name and date of birth in the wake of a data breach, you know there's bigger problems to be solved (seriously, depending on numbers as some sort of secret source sufficient to form a significant part of an identity theft attack is madness and needs to die in a fire)
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