Weekly Update 318

Aussie breachapalooza! That what it feels like this week between Optus (ok, it was weeks ago but it's still in the news), Vinomofo, My Deal and the mother of all of them (at least as far as media interest goes), Medibank. That last one totally smashed my week out with unprecedented press enquiries, so is it any wonder I totally missed the Microsoft one? I read through that last one live in this week's video and as you'll hear, a breach of any kind is never a good look but what stands out for me about this one isn't the breach itself, rather the marketing effort SOCRadar has made around it. As I say in the video, it just feels... icky. See if you agree.

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  1. The Optus breach really got the nation down here paying attention to data breaches (that alone got a huge amount of attention, and then Medibank happened...)
  2. I myself got an email from My Deal saying I'm in the breach (ok, so password reset and then they tell me I have no account!)
  3. Vinomofo also had themselves a data breach (they were just using production data for testing "as is industry practice" 🤦‍♂️)
  4. The Medibank breach has made massive news down here (it's particularly nasty when we're talking about health data being held to ransom)
  5. The BlueBleed marketing campaign (sorry - "breach") is more about how it was reported rather than what it actually is (note in the thread that Kevin mentions the search tool has now been removed)
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