Weekly Update 319

Geez we've been getting hammered down here: Optus, MyDeal, Vinomofo, Medibank and now Australian Clinical Labs. It's crazy how much press interest there's been down here and whilst I think some of it is a bit hyperbolic, bringing the issue to the forefront and ensuring it's being discussed is certainly a good thing. Anyway, let's see what happens between now and next week's video, at this rate there'll be at least one more major Aussie breach to talk about!

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  1. Big Ass Fan IoT integration has been a big pain in the ass (it really shouldn't be this hard)
  2. Australian Clinical Labs is the latest Aussie company to make the data breach headlines (includes pathology test results 😲)
  3. The E-Pal breach went into HIBP (100k email addresses, more than half in HIBP already)
  4. The Doomworld breach also went into HIBP (they "got pwned by a script kiddie", according to their disclosure)
  5. I've been putting a heap of work into the Stripe integration for the HIBP API key (deleting code is so satisfying!)
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