Weekly Update 320

I feel like life is finally complete: I have beaches, sunshine and fast internet! (Yes, and of course an amazing wife, but that goes without saying 😊) For the folks asking via various channels, the speed is not exactly symmetrical at 1000/400 and I'm honestly not sure why that's the case here in Australia. I also had to shell out quite a bit extra to go from 50 up to a "business" plan of 400 up, but with the volumes of data I ship around it'll make a pretty big difference to the way I work over time. Also this week, much more on the work we're doing with HIBP from pricing the annual plans to a proper support system via Zendesk. I'm really hoping that by next week's update we'll have shipped the new rate limits too, stay tuned for that but for now, here's number 320:

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  1. Finally - I have fast internet! (just a "little" 25x speed boost, thank you very much 😊)
  2. Everyone seems to be doing 17% discounts for annual over monthly billing (that's Slack's pricing page and as someone pointed out in the live stream, it's effectively 2 free months)
  3. We now have a proper support system up and running for the HIBP API keys (we're really happy with Zendesk, hoping this makes both subscribers' and our lives easier)
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